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10 Tips on Creating Superb Customer Support Documentation

Here are some tips on how to create great end user documentation with accompanying examples from companies who are doing it right shared in this article.

The goal of your end user documentation is to reduce the number of hours you spend explaining workflows, and reduce the number of hours end users spend looking for answers.

If you can remove hurdles your end users have to jump over in order to find answers, they will reference your documentation. And that will create self-sufficient end users who do the job correctly, in less time, and without constantly involving you.

Here are some of the topics covered:

  1. Write great titles
  2. Use annotated screenshots
  3. Use video, screenshots and text
  4. Include links to related articles
  5. Easy to browse
  6. Easy to search
  7. Easy to find
  8. Show the end result
  9. Show the steps and substeps
  10. Unique URLs for each article

Some of the companies used in the examples are Hubspot, Skuid and Metric Insights.

To learn more about how to make good documentation check out the full article here.

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