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Why Every Shopify Store Needs a Knowledge Base

Shopify Knowledge Base AppShopify is excellent for selling products.  Arguably, it does this better than anything else.  Whether for brick and mortar retailers, online stores or both I always recommend Shopify.

How a Knowledge Base Helps

But succeeding selling products requires more than just selling.  It also requires supporting customers, answering their questions and helping them be successful.

But supporting every customer manually on a phone call, responding to an email or in-person is resource intensive–it doesn’t scale.  You’d rather be selling and building your business than providing support.

That’s where a product Knowledge Base or FAQ helps.  A knowledge base enables customers to help themselves–it’s self-service support.

How it Works

A knowledge base becomes more useful over time as you add new content to it and improve existing content.

Add common questions to your knowledge base and over time it’ll grow to answer over 50% of the questions you get about your products saving you thousands of dollars in support costs over time.  And because it’s more content about your products it’s also great for SEO (search engine optimization).

Add a link to your knowledge base on your website, add the link in your product materials and tell customers about it when they ask questions and over time you’ll see your support volume decrease as customers learn to help themselves.

How to Add a Knowledge Base to your Shopify Store

Like we said in the beginning, Shopify is great for selling, but doesn’t have built-in knowledge base capability.  Unfortunately, most of the apps in the Shopify App store are eCommerce focused or too small to be effective.  What you need is a dedicated, robust knowledge base solution for Shopify.

That’s why EasyDocs was created.  EasyDocs is a dedicated knowledge base for Shopify stores.  EasyDocs lets you quickly and easily create a knowledge base and add it to your Shopify website.

How to Get Started

Here’s a quick overview of what to do:

  1. Go to the EasyDocs Knowledge Base App for Shopify page.
  2. Signup free and create a knowledge base (it only takes 30 seconds).
  3. Optional: Add the knowledge base at help.yourdomain.com or support.yourdomain.com (EasyDocs support can do this for you).
  4. Optional: Add your logo, customize with your brand colors and more.
  5. Start adding articles.

Now go get started helping customers, slashing support costs and growing your business!

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