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Customer Support Tips

Customer Support Tips

  • It’s Time to Retire The “Ticket”

    Once upon a time, you needed to physically go stand in a line to get help. You'd take a Ticket and queue until the customer service team could resolve your issue. The customer would then leave with their patched up fax machine, and you'd never see them again.

  • Remove the Distance Between Your Team and Your Customers

    Last month I switched gyms. I didn't have a major issue with the old one. The monthly cost was pretty average and I visited regularly, but I didn't feel particularly valued. No one really checked in with me after my induction and their communication style was really impersonal.

  • What Would Happen If You Quit Phone Support?

    What if I told you that you could take your support phone off the hook, and there would be no consequences? Wait, wait... don't do it now! Recent articles have suggested that phone support at SaaS companies is more important than ever. I believe this ignores the reasons customers call for help in the first place.

  • How to easily scale customer support?

    It's week #5 at my new job as a product-manager/customer-support-agent/designer/Spanish-teacher (you know, the normal startup job title) and time is of the essence. I must be able to cover as much...

  • Top 4 Experts in Customer Service Share Advice

    With so many ups and downs and room for mistakes - customer service can be quite tricky to master. Reviewing and learning from your personal mistakes is one thing, but getting advice and learning from the top experts in customer service  - is something else!

  • Our New Client Support System to Accommodate Rapid Growth

    TechValidate is proud of its track record of high-touch and attentive customer support. We have always made it a point to work with clients in a consultative fashion to ensure that the TechValidate content generation platform aligns with their marketing needs.

  • 27 Experts Discuss Key Customer Support Metrics That Drive Growth

    Truth is: 1. Individual agent metrics Let's dive in: Working closely with team leaders in global B2B brands taught us a thing or two about the metrics top performing leaders seek. It usually comes down to response time and touchpoint and velocity. These two metrics are pretty straightforward if you think about it.