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Documentation Tips

  • Everything You Need to Know About Documentation

    It's 11p.m., you're driving down a remote road on a clear, starry night when Pop! the stillness of the dark is shattered by a blown-out tire. You're safe but stranded in the middle of nowhere. Denial and panic are soon followed by acceptance as you realize there must be a spare tire and jack somewhere in the car.

  • Documentation: Writing it is the Worst, Having it is the Best

    Somewhere in the back of our minds, everyone working on a software project is aware that documentation is a very good thing to have. Despite this awareness, documentation is often prioritized lower than it should be. Many understandable motivations contribute to documentation's low prioritization.

  • Elements Of Writing Good Documentation

    Have you ever heard the phrase, "Read The Finely-written Manual?" The manual, being the ultimate source of truth and value for that tool or framework you're learning; at least, so it should. Like many of you developers, members of TechMasters have some pain points and words of wisdom to share regarding how documentation (or "docs") should be written or read, which I have summarized here.

  • The Importance of Documentation

    Documentation : The process of recording your thoughts and experiences in a clear and concise format for future reference. In the movie The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, there's a famous quote by the Bad guy to a gunman who tries to kill him in the bathtub : "If you wanna shoot, shoot.

  • 5 tips to become a documentation champion

    1. Chase information like a shark When something is not clear in the workings of your product, or you can't locate a file or you simply don't know if a functionality is actually there you need to chase people down.