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Documentation Tips

  • Write the Docs: Documentation Guide

    Welcome! We are excited that you are going down the path of creating more wonderful documentation in the world. This guide exists to provide both novice and expert writers a best practice handbook for building, structuring, and writing software documentation.

  • 3 Reasons Why You Need to Start Documenting NOW

    No matter where you are in your illustration journey, it's important that you start documenting everything you do NOW. I recommend having a "struggle journal." This could be a notebook, evernote notebook, word doc, or whatever works for you. You have struggles.

  • FDA Compliance: Why Paper-Based Documents Won’t Work for Long

    The Food Safety and Modernization Act (FSMA) was signed into law in 2011 with the goal of improving preventative food sanitation and safety measures. This shift, from reactive to proactive, includes some of the biggest changes to food production regulation in over 70 years.

  • Product documentation problems your startup will eventually face

    Every team that is building a product goes through several phases of team sizes and communication dynamics. Stage 1: Rollerblading ? When it's just you, building things is much easier, and faster. It's easier to communicate feature details by just sitting and discussing across the table, maybe sketching out on a whiteboard and then jumping straight into coding.

  • Adaptive modern product documentation

    Sphinx is a well know really powerful documentation engine used extensively within the Python community. Sphinx typically is used to generate a set of static HTML pages from a selection of source files writing in reStructuredTEXT. reStructuredTEXT for those who are unfamiliar with it is similar to Markdown however it adds the concept of nesting.

  • How a Good Product Documentation Improved Sales by 70% in Just a Month

    Launching a new product for your business involves the team work, hard work, efforts over months. No matter you are running a small business or a larger one there are lots of hopes and dedication for the same to excel. There are lots of factors that are incorporated to build a successful product.

  • 8 hints for keeping your project well documented

    During every project a lot of knowledge is "stored" in team members brains. Unfortunately, human memory is not the safest place to keep valuable information and that's why you have to secure the project knowledge "on paper" (of course you will use computer for that).

  • 14 Examples of Documentation Mistakes

    When it comes to doing something right, sometimes it helps to see common mistakes others make. So here are 14 examples of common mistakes you might be making (and yes, I even included a mistake we made in our own documentation).

  • 8 Great Examples of Developer Documentation

    You just received an email from an angry developer. Something is wrong in your documentation, and the developer just spent hours figuring it out. Now it's your turn to update the documentation and figure out how to avoid those issues in the future. But how?It's hard to...

  • A Million Words Published at Work in a Remote Company

    Three years ago, I shared 10 lessons from working 4 years remotely, and today I passed another milestone while working at a remote company. After almost 7 years of working at Automattic, today I published my millionth word.